Fruits – Pineapple

Pineapple is a sweet tropical fruit that has a very strong fragrance. The main constituent is furaneol that gives it a sweet and pungent smell.

This pineapple infused incense stick has been developed keeping in mind the sweet smelling and edible pineapple.

Our range of 4 fruity fragrances – a sweet, delicious and tropical mango, fruity and juicy Pineapple, citrusy and fresh Orange, delicate and mellow Peach. This range guarantees stimulating your senses with freshness and deliciousness.

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1. Each packet is of 100 grams
2. Each outer box contains 12 packets
3. 4 fruity fragrances – Mango, Orange, Peach and Pineapple
4. Less smoke and long lasting incense sticks


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